Advanced Horary Astrology Practice Course – 10 Lessons

In this practical Advanced Horary Astrology Course, you will apply the concepts and techniques of traditional horary astrology to 50+ challenging real-life horary charts. Refine your analysis and synthesis skills, and get acquainted with various technical points not covered in books or in foundational courses.
Advanced Horary Astrology Practice Course

To take this course you must already know the entire horary interpretation theory. It is assumed that you have perused John Frawley’s The Horary Textbook extensively and that you have been practicing Horary for some time. This course includes charts from the Complete Horary Training Course plus a number of more complex and unusual charts that will help you take your analysis skills to a deeper level.


Introduction. Course Overview. The three pillars of horary interpretation. Requirements. Software configuration. Initial chart interpretation.

Relationships and partners. Going beyond the five basic significators. Understanding the role of house 2 and house 12 in relationships.

Money, investment, movable property and fixed property.

Lost, stolen and strayed. Forensics.

Work, business, career, vocation and school. Art and creativity.

Contests and trials. Authority. Political elections.

Medical matters. Humoral diagnosis, treatment, diet, lifestyle, practitioners and prognosis.

Psychological and Spiritual matters.

Miscellaneous questions: school, travel, animals, William Lilly, and more.

Miscellaneous questions: children, mundane subjects. Symbolism quizzes.

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One payment of $995 or three payments of $375


One payment of $995 or three payments of $375

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