The Seven Main Arabic Parts

The seven main Arabic Parts address/depict the major themes in human life as do the seven inner planets. 

When they are activated in progressions and return charts those themes are present either as descriptors of obvious events or as indicators the underlying theme to the native’s experience at the time surrounding the events.

They are a must in psychological and spiritual natal delineation and prediction. But they work equally well in horary. Of course, if the question is about a lost cat, or getting a job, they do not have much, if anything, to say.

They do become rather eloquent when looking “under the hood” of the human psyche. They, along with the fixed stars, outline in remarkable detail the essential qualities of an experience, rather than the superficial or visible qualities which the planets usually tend to depict.

This is intended as a brief overview of the gist of their meanings and how they are calculated. I follow Al Biruni’s calculations. But I added Paul of Alexandria’s too in case you wish to compare in your own charts.

Fortuna (Moon)

Asc + Moon – Sun
Hunger or deep desire for something or for some experience. Being empty or unfulfilled. Receiving something.
Psychological: feeling lacking, longing, desiring, needing.

Part of Spirit (Sun)

Asc + Sun – Moon
Also called the Part of Abundance.
Having something or some experience, being full. Therefore pouring out. Expression. Giving something.
Psychological: feeling satisfied, fulfilled, needless.

Love (Venus)

Asc + Spirit – Fortuna (Al Biruni)
Asc + Venus – Spirit (Paul of Alexandria)
Union with the beloved. Beauty.
Psychological: feeling peace, tranquility, in love.

Despair (Mercury)

Asc + Fortuna – Spirit (Al Biruni)
Asc + Fortuna – Mercury (Paul of Alexandria)
Also called the Part of Necessity.
Decisions. The negotiations required in daily life. The need and inevitability of compromise. Choice between two good things and having to let go of one because we cannot have both. Letting go. Therefore, separation from the beloved. (the opposite of the part of Love)
Psychological: feeling separated, restless, disappointed, accepting, compromising.

Captivity (Saturn)

Asc + Fortuna – Saturn
Also called the Part of Release From Captivity, or Part of Those Who Rise in Station.
Things that imprison us or cause us to feel imprisoned, limited. It also spells the way out of imprisonment since harnessing the nature of Saturn is what gives us the key to be free from it.
Psychological: feeling restricted or obstructed or limited, or in control.

Victory (Jupiter)

Asc + Jupiter – Spirit
Grace from above. Receipt of gifts from outside regardless of deserving or not.
Psychological: feeling blessed, grateful, generous.

Courage (Mars)

Asc + Fortuna – Mars
Right action. Doing the right thing regardless of the dictates of the ego or personality traits. Acting from conscience. Something we “must” do.
Psychological: feeling rightful, unwavering, powerful.


The Seven Main Arabic Parts

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