Is my girlfriend pregnant?

The querent was concerned about pregnancy because their contraceptive method did not work as expected, the indication being that the woman's period did not come properly as usual.

is my girlfriend pregnant

We don’t have the usual testimonies for pregnancy here. L7 is in a fertile sign, that’s all we have. Not enough to indicate pregnancy. So, no, she is not pregnant. However, there are some indications worth paying attention to.

Exalted Mars ruled by Saturn, in the detriment of the Moon (baby), in the fall of Jupiter (mom), in the 5th cusp looks like the picture of a contraceptive. The Sun, the girlfriend’s lord 6, is weakening it because of combustion. Also, Saturn, the natural ruler of barriers, and therefore of contraceptives, doesn’t really want to help this Mars (it’s in its detriment).

Mars and the Sun placed in house 5 point at an affliction that likely has something to do with why her period did not come properly. The recommendation is that she goes and have herself checked by a doctor and/or investigate the side effects of the contraceptive.

The late degrees on the angles suggest that something is about to change or is in the process of changing. We have a weakened contraceptive, a very fertile woman (Jupiter in Pisces), and the Moon entering fertile Pisces and squaring Venus; we don’t have a pregnancy now but we do have a clear warning that the contraceptive may no longer be working as it should.

Finally, the chart shows that their contraceptive method interferes (“mess up” is more appropriate) with the woman’s body — more specifically her hormonal and immune systems. Mars is in Jupiter’s fall.

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