Traditional Medical Astrology Foundation Course – 14 Lessons

In 12 self-paced lessons learn the complete toolset of horary astrology and practice on general health-related, physical and psychological real-life horary charts. Including humoral diagnosis as well as learning to answer questions about treatments, surgery, practitioners and prognosis.
Traditional Medical Horary Astrology Foundation Course

There are no pre-requisites for taking this course. This is a horary training standalone course. The entire theory is taught and practiced focusing on medical and psychological matters. It can also function as a preparatory course for the more advanced “Applied Medical Astrology Course“.


Introduction. Course Overview. The three pillars of astrological interpretation. Requirements. Software configuration and checking.

Houses. Turning the chart. Chart analysis.

The Seven Inner Planets. Seven essences or energy streams. Natural rulership. The importance of understanding the concept of “essence” and its practical use in astrology. The concept of malefics and benefics and a word of caution.

Signs. Significators. The place and importance of incepted signs. Chart analysis.

Essential Dignity. Quality of “being”. Chart analysis.

Accidental Dignity. Power to act. The role of angular planets in horary. Chart analysis.

Receptions. Inclination to act, to help or to harm. Receptivity and rejection between significators. Chart analysis. 

Aspects. Occasion to act. Event potential. Past events. Influence by proximity. Aspects to house cusps. Chart analysis.

Antiscia. The mirror of planets. Chart analysis.

Fixed Stars and the Outer Planets. General meanings. The role of the myths. Chart analysis.

Arabic Parts. Chart analysis.


Timing future and past events. Chart analysis.

Introduction to medical astrology and horary diagnosis. Significators. Chart analysis. Considerations before interpretation.

Horary interpretation practice on a selection of health-related,  medical, and psychological issues.

36 course-supplied real-life charts. Pus charts of your own.

Final Exam.

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One payment of $995 or three payments of $375


One payment of $995 or three payments of $375

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