Saturn, Mars and Free-Will

This is an excerpt from an exchange I had with a fellow astrologer on the essence of Saturn and Mars, with relation to emotional and social maturity, and free-will.

Mr. X: On the presidency prognosis chart you equated limitations to the people of the USA with a Saturnine influence, correct? Can you exemplify?

FO: Yes; along with a Martial influence as well.

Take the example of gay marriage or abortion. The new president and his people want to forbid those. That is Saturn in action. Saturn rules barriers, walls and limitations. They want to do that by law: Mars; so a martial influence as well. Mars rules force and rules by force. Look at that chart: Trump (the new presidency) enters the rulership of Saturn and exaltation of Mars while being in the Moon’s detriment so, the people will suffer the effects of the Saturnine-martial influence.

Mr. X: But that is subjective. Some people believe that abortion or gay marriage should not be allowed and others think they should be allowed. So it is relative.

FO: The belief is subjective, no doubt. But planet rulership is not subjective; it is quite objective in its symbolism. And whatever is relative in that respect is described by essential dignity in astrological terms. And just to be sure: I’m not talking about the presidency “prediction” per-se here. I’m simply taking a view expressed by the presidency to exemplify the essence of Saturn and Mars and their implications on free-will, as I understand it.

We are talking about the essence of the planet. Stopping people from doing what they want to do is a Saturnine-Martial function. We are astrologers and should be able to understand and speak of “essence” in a dispassionate way. Now, whether that limitation is a good thing or not is a different dimension of the phenomenon being investigated. One direct implication however, is on free-will and what free-will means in human manifestation.

The subject of being for or against gay marriage or abortion is not relevant here. However, an essential dimension of being human is the exercise of free-will and, forcing other people or oneself against their or our own free-will is energetically troublesome; it causes emotional imbalance and “spiritual accounting”. Sooner or later you will feel you owe others the freedom you took away from them. And vice-versa. So, passing a law to forbid everybody to perform abortion or gay marriage (or any other prohibition of similar character) is akin to Saturn and Mars in detriment. It is a debilitated expression of those essences. It is an expression based on immaturity as a human being; it is bullying or tyranny. It is unhealthy. It is a transgression. It creates Karma. It comes from house 12, from fear. Not from love.

Do whatever you please with your life; but do not interfere with other people’s free-wills, unless they are committing the very crime of interfering with another’s free-will, such as murder or theft or passing blanket laws, rape, brainwashing or even what passes for “education” in some places, for example. 

So, if anybody deserves to be limited by Saturn and Mars they are the very people who want to impinge on other people’s free-wills. That’s why we jail murderers and thieves. Humanity is just not mature enough or awake enough to jail politicians or brainwashers yet, as they are still quite loved and exalted by many.

Some beliefs are harmful and deserve re-assessment. A certain degree of maturity is needed for such. If there is no maturity those who follow beliefs blindly will continue interfering with other people’s free-wills and their own, that is: operate under a debilitated saturnine-martial influence. They reap unhappiness for themselves and those they influence.

Saturn Mars and Free Will

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