To ask or not to ask. That is the question. – Part 1

Horary Astrology

I would like to study regular general horary. However, will I be able to answer my own questions or only questions of other people? 

Mr. Astrologer told me that Traditional Horary won’t be as accurate if I want to answer my own horaries. Please let me know your view on this. Thanks.

You can answer whatever and whoever’s questions you like with horary.

Answering your own questions is the best and fastest way to learn because you will know the outcome of your questions directly and quickly as proof that your application of the technique was right or not. And if it was wrong you will quickly learn where you made a mistake, especially if you have the guidance of a teacher or mentor. The more questions you ask about yourself and those close to you the better, within reason.

Of, course, if your question about yourself is emotionally charged and your emotions cloud your thinking, you run the risk of misinterpreting the chart. But that is the case with anything in life.

So, learning from your personal questions requires a degree of sincerity to know when to trust yourself or not. It is often the case that astrologers ask a colleague to help interpret a personal emotionally charged question, which can be a nice learning experience too. But that can hardly be said to be a limitation of horary. That is our limitation as humans, and some people are more limited than others in that respect. So, “know thyself” and act accordingly.

Caution is an excellent virtue. But an overabundance of caution can quickly turn into phobia and through fear, we block ourselves and stop learning.

Horary has very few limitations. Such comment about what horary can or cannot do from Mr. Astrologer reveals a self-imposed limitation and is his choice based on his psychological outlook. We do not blame a knife for a murder. He is basically blaming horary in place of his own personal limitation, which has shaped his personal preference.

I do not condone advising others to limit themselves. Quite the contrary, I advise to take risks, make mistakes and learn from them, within reason and using common-sense, of course. We do not want anyone making serious decisions based on a beginner’s knowledge of horary.

The reason Mr. Astrologer advised you to limit yourself is likely to be one of two:

At some point in his studies he made mistakes answering personal horaries and that was enough to traumatize him to decide that personal horaries are not accurate. That speaks more about the astrologer’s own psychology than about horary. Pointing fingers at horary is simply not honest or wise; it is based on fear.

Or, his own teacher told him that personal horaries won’t be as accurate and thus he chose to not do them himself and chose, in turn, to teach his own students that they should not do them either without extensively testing the idea in practice.

From the two options, the second one is the worst because it would show a lack of thought and a lack of discrimination. The issue remains unexamined and phobia  wins without a fight.

If you are afraid of making mistakes leave horary alone. Consider some other safe activity instead.

But then, if we are acting out of fear, there is a lack of self-awareness and we do not see the fear for what it is. We are blinded. We either believe it is normal or we do not see it at all.

So, we either continue being ruled by our house 12 or we do psychological work on it. One way to approach this very crucial problem is to use horary itself. Horary is an excellent tool to help us develop self-awareness and uncover the mental habits that obstruct us unnecessarily.

In time, with practice, we can become proficient in horary and have developed enough self-awareness to the degree that we can investigate our own house 12 safely and effectively. At that point house 12 no longer rules our lives, we have become its master and we are at peace. Not bad for being allowed and encouraged to ask horary questions about oneself. To be able to investigate the most subjective of subjects (us) objectively is truly a gift from above.

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