Traditional Medical Astrology Books

Important books for the practicing medical astrologer who diagnoses and treats.

medicalClassical Medical Astrology
by Oscar Hofman
In this book you will find the description of an accurate method of humoral horary diagnosis in detail. Horary diagnosis has come of age. This book also addresses a number of medical astrological issues including treatment, elections, the basic theory of horary astrology, and the theory of the elements.
saundersThe Astrological Judgement and Practice of Physick
by Richard Saunders
A must for producing accurate horary diagnosis. It contains descriptions of the humoral cause of illness for each planet in every zodiac sign. The diagnostic method outlined in this book is faulty though — the liver is important but certainly is not central to all health problems. I recommend using the method outlined in Oscar Hofman’s book mentioned above which comes from William Lilly and has been clarified by John Frawley in “The Horary Textbook”.
christiThe Traditional Healer’s Handbook
by Hakim G. M. Chishti
This book is on Unani/Tibb medicine whose paradigm is matched neatly by the astrological paradigm of the elements. It contains a practical list of foods and herbs according to their humoral qualities and treatment methods for various conditions.
culpeperCulpeper’s Complete Herbal
by Nicholas Culpeper
Herbal reference with planetary and some humoral information.
htThe Horary Textbook
by John Frawley
The chapter on medical astrology is a must.
raThe Real Astrology
by John Frawley
Contains some nice examples of medical charts, and relevant thoughts on traditional healing.
41ZCh3mzwOLThe Michael Handbook
Contains information on psychological delineation and specific information about the manifestations of house 12. There is no astrology in this book. However, if you desire to address house 12 in detail in your astrological work, that is: the seven different manifestations of self-undoing, you will know what to do with it.
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