Psychological Astrology Course – Horary – 10 Lessons

A course for experienced horary astrologers who wish to deepen their understanding of the psyche and the root of unnecessary suffering. As well as answer various types of questions related to emotional and mental well-being, including questions about therapies, treatments, practitioners, spirituality and metaphysical phenomena. Learn horary diagnosis and how to take measures to balance the humors/elements. Practice on 30+ real-life charts.

Traditional Psychological Horary Astrology Course

To take this course you must already have horary technique imprinted on your neurons. It is assumed that you have perused John Frawley’s The Horary Textbook extensively, and that you have been practicing horary for some time.


Introduction. Course Overview. The three pillars of horary interpretation. Requirements. Software configuration.

The personality components and their corresponding significators. True Personality and False Personality. Unnecessary Suffering vs. Real Suffering. Going beyond the basic significators. Understanding the role of house 2 and house 12 in psychological horary. Accessing depth in relationship charts. Chart interpretation.

Relationship and partnership chart interpretation. The seven main patterns of self-undoing. The importance of Arabic Parts and the Nodes in thorough horary interpretation. 

Relationship and partner, and solo chart interpretation. The narcissist.

Forensics and past experiences. Remembering and shedding light on past trauma as a means to break free from it.

Other meanings of house 12. Bewitchment/magic, harmful entities, and things that are hidden.

Treatment, house 9 as insight and knowledge, and practitioners.

Spirit guides, spirituality, enlightenment, and metaphysical phenomena.

Horary diagnosis. Understanding the effect the four elements have on the body and psyche. How to balance them when they are out of balance.

Miscellaneous questions. Symbolism quizzes.

Course Features


Your software must display the following:


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One payment of $995 or three payments of $375


One payment of $995 or three payments of $375

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