Unveiling Psychic Wounds Through Horary

A chart analysis exemplifying how Horary can unveil deep psychic wounds that drive our behaviors, opening the doors to work toward liberation from unnecessary suffering.

Illuminating the Ego

Horary astrology excels at unveiling what is hidden, making it an ideal tool for those seeking to illuminate the unconscious facets of House 12.

This case involves a querent seeking to reconnect with a former acquaintance after being kicked out of her Facebook group. He asked if she would be receptive to his apology and welcome him back into her life, should he approach her after several years had passed since the incident.

Unveiling Psychic Wounds Through Horary

Significators and Fixed Stars

The querent is signified by Mercury and the Moon, while the acquaintance is signified by Jupiter. The presence of Aldebaran, a fixed star connected with new beginnings, on the Ascendant, is descriptive of the fact that a potential rekindling of their relationships is present in his mind.

Mercury’s Condition

Mercury, representing the querent’s thinking mind, is conjunct the Sun in the 12th house and near the fixed star Algol. This configuration indicates unclear thinking and a significant red flag. Algol’s influence suggests that the querent is not thinking straight, and his decisions are likely to be misguided. Mercury’s combustion by the Sun further implies blindness to the true nature of the situation.

Emotional Motivations and House 12 Influences

The Moon, representing the querent’s emotional state, is located on the 8th cusp. But the radical house eight has no part in this chart. However, house eight is the turned house 2 from the 7th.

The House 2-House 12 Connection

House 2 is the house of self-esteem and the esteem we give others. It is the house of the things we express to others. It’s how we show or present ourselves to other people.

The second from the seventh is important because this is the house of what she expresses to him. So the Moon’s position shows that he wants her esteem.

This chart is about a known querent who developed and early-life psychic wound and trauma based on rejection and harsh verbal treatment from adults which created a feeling of inadequacy in his life, and the fear of being judged by other people.

Conversely, what this has produced in him in terms of the ego has been a desire that people look at him in a positive way. So, the desire to receive forgiveness or be accepted is part of how his ego behaves. And this is what the Moon on the cusp of her house 2 means. He wants to be liked. (This is a well-known psychological pattern of House 12. For details read the article The Seven Fears.)

Essential Debility

Keeping in mind what is known about the querent, the Moon essentially debilitated by detriment in Capricorn shows he is mired in emotional self-deprecation, a consequence of his unconscious and unresolved psychic wound from childhood. 

His acquaintance, Jupiter, also essentially debilitated (fall), suggests a similar psychic state in relation to herself. Add the fact that Jupiter is conjunct with Pluto and we have the picture of somebody who is feeling down.

Mutual Reception and Emotional Responses

Both the querent and the acquaintance have negative mutual receptions. The Moon is in Capricorn, the fall of Jupiter, indicating the querent’s disregard for the acquaintance. Similarly, Jupiter is in the detriment of the Moon, reflecting the acquaintance’s negative feelings towards the querent. This mutual negativity suggests that the querent’s attempt to reconnect will not be well-received.

This chart reveals that the querent’s desire to reconnect is rooted in seeking approval and validation rather than genuine respect for the acquaintance.

Outcome and Advice

The Moon conjunct the South Node by antiscion indicates that the querent’s actions will lead to further constriction rather than expansion. The chart advises against pursuing this reconnection, as it will likely lead to more self-undoing and suffering due to the querent’s ego-driven motivations.

In conclusion, horary astrology provides a detailed psychological analysis, revealing that the querent’s desire to reconnect is driven by deep-seated insecurities and a need for external validation. The chart advises finding a healthier reason for reconnecting. 

Furthermore, now that the ego is exposed to the light of conscious attention, seek ways to address these underlying psychological issues with the goal of obtaining liberation from this form unnecessary psychological suffering.

For additional interpretation comments watch the video of this Horary Reading.

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