Are the earthquakes getting worse?


Three days ago there was an earthquake (6.9) which was the strongest I have ever experienced here in California.

Although my shelves were moving side to side for a period of many seconds it was not enough to make me stand and leave my seat.

Yesterday we had another one. Stronger (7.1), lasted longer and moved everything in all directions on the horizontal plane. This time I got scared, which is shown very well by the Moon position in this chart, which was cast a few minutes after the quake.

Are we getting more and worse earthquakes in this “wave”?

There is some really nice symbolism here. And a technical challenge.

earthquakes worse

My answer is “no”, they will not get worse in this wave. The “big one” is not coming just yet.

Saturn and the ascendant describe the earthquake “here” very nicely. The natural ruler of “earth” is in an earth sign on the ascendant and is retrograde, that is: the earth is not behaving “normally”. Earth is not supposed to be unstable, but it has been moving. So, retrograde is right on.

We have Pluto on the ascendant here. The god of the underworld. Very dramatic, the horary spirits must be having fun.

Saturn is on the South Node. That is the main testimony and answers the question on the spot.

The essence of the South Node is a reduction, decrease, shrinking, diminution, and weakening. Vice-versa for the North Node.

The South Node is bad if what you desire is an increase. Of money, job, sex, and relationship. All the things that we want more of, not less.

But I do not want bigger or stronger earthquakes, I want smaller and weaker ones. The South Node tells there will be less of Saturn, not more. A weaker Saturn. Good. question answered.

Some secondary testimonies and goodies:

The Moon is about to leave Leo and go into its triplicity, as this is a night chart. That tells us that there will be no emotional hardship; that I will feel better. Makes sense, no more big earthquakes. It supports the main testimony.

The Sun is going to oppose Saturn next with negative reception, but it is cadent, so, little or no harm. Mercury, the natural ruler of earthquakes, is turning around and conjoining Mars. There will likely be smaller earthquakes; which is usual in this part of the world.

Uranus is exactly on the 4th cusp. Disruption/separation in the ground/underground. 

I find it amazing that this chart was cast minutes after the earthquake, right here where it happened. Any serious scientist who also has a reasonably deep knowledge of symbology might be curious about how the hell that is at all possible.

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