Covid-19 and the Elements: earth, air, water or fire. Which is the culprit?


There seems to be a debate out there as to the elemental character of the illness engendered by COVID-19. So, I will add my perspective to the mix.

If we peel off the various layers of symptoms that may show up we will come to the root elemental imbalance.

Cough, dry or wet, water in the lungs, fever, inflammation, are all the various symptoms.

We cannot look at one symptom say: water in the lungs and state: this is a “wet” illness, therefore is is caused by too much water. Or dry cough and say it is a dry illness. That would be a mistake from a traditional healing perspective.

The water is a symptom and the earth is a symptom in the example above. No doubt symptoms are part of the puzzle that must be addressed. But never on their own. The root cause must be known and a combination of measures to address each purpose: symptom and root cause, can then be devised and applied.

In summary: that is how medical astrology works. Or should work, if properly practiced. Cause and symptoms are diagnosed separately.

We have to look deeper and beyond the symptoms or else we fall into the modern medicine trap of treating the symptoms while ignoring the root elemental cause. Whether we prescribe the wrong pharmaceutical pill or the wrong herb from Culpeper’s Herbal may not make a difference.

Ok, got it. So, how do we get to the root cause?

In the case of COVID-19 we can get to it through observation, analysis and synthesis. That is: by thinking clearly and appropriately based on known contextual information and astrological symbology. The astrologer/healer must understand the context in order to produce a plausible opinion and he/she must grasp the essence of the elements.

The context I am basing my analysis on is that it appears that the central debility (root symptom) created by a particular strain of this virus is to weaken the body’s ability to absorb oxygen. That is, it suffocates the victim. “Preventing air to do its job”.

That has the signature of excessive earth element. Think “strangling, closing, blocking, restricting, obstructing”. Saturn. Excessive coldness and dryness. That is the root elemental imbalance from which the various other symptoms sprout from.

In order to help us understand the essence of the elements it is useful to break the elements down into their individual qualities.

In this case, the root symptom (suffocation) from the elemental perspective is not caused by too much fluidity (moisture) and it is not caused by too much activity (heat); it is the opposite: an excess of rigidity (or numbness) and an inability to move: earth.

It may be obvious to some, but worth mentioning: we are talking about an axis. There is too much earth and too little air.

So, in this scenario, the healer would prescribe measures to restore flow and activity in that area of the body, probably the alveoli. That is: increase the element air and reduce the element earth. And if there is water or fire (symptoms) somewhere those would be dealt with simultaneously but separately and in full awareness of what is being done and how one measure would affect the other. Just like any modern doctor will juggle various chemicals and and machinery to deal with the symptoms within that paradigm.

Now, is this just one of several strains of this virus? Can different strains produce different root imbalances?

Why not? That is totally possible. So, I am speaking in view of the context I know about which is based on information that is circulating among some doctors around the world. I am making no generalization but simply correlating the astrological symbolism with the information I obtained for the purpose of demonstrating the thinking process behind determining the elemental characteristics of a particular phenomenon.

Also, can the virus interact with people who have other existing illnesses differently? Such as a diabetic, or obese person, of someone with a history of bronchitis?

It certainly can. So, above I analyzed the virus from a contextual perspective alone without an astrological chart. However, for individual treatment an individual horary diagnosis is required, The notion that a serious ailment such as the one caused by COVID-19 can be partly prevented based on birth temperament alone may work only if you are in top notch health condition. In which case, if you make a mistake you have room to recover from a wrong treatment. But if you already have health issues or even already have a Covid infection then you must get a horary diagnosis or else you run the risk of taking the wrong medicine in a weak position. That is not good.

Horary diagnosis is the centerpiece of practical medical astrology. That is: astrology that produces true healing.

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