Food and the Elements

I was wondering if we should eat according to the combination of elements in the astrological birth chart. Let’s say I have more fire than anything else ? Which foods are good for that?

Several points must be considered before answering that.

The first step is to assess the temperament using the correct technique whereby we determine the person’s proportion of the elements from birth.

Having “lots of fire in my chart” is NOT based on the number of planets in fire signs. (Or any other element, to be clear.)

The temperament assessment takes into account five factors: the Sun’s season, the Moon’s quarter, L1, ASC sign and the Lord of the Geniture. The Sun is not always hot and dry and the Moon is not always cold and moist even if they are in fire or water signs, respectively.

Once the temperament has been assessed correctly, if the temperament is strongly imbalanced then yes, we apply measures to promote balance including diet, exercise, and lifestyle. If the temperament is balanced it makes no significant difference but if we overdo one element (in diet and/or lifestyle or through acquired disease) we will likely become imbalanced.

If the temperament becomes imbalanced over time then we have to assess the “current” temperament using horary (not the birth chart). Then apply measures according to the current imbalance in order to promote balance and health.

An article on the assessment of temperament is coming soon.



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