Is my medication harming my liver?

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The querent was prescribed some potent medication against his migraines.

He says they work very effectively against the migraines but he feels he gets side-effects in the form pain in his liver and other discomforts.

Including much weakness, tension in his shoulders and a secondary type of headache which he says he is sure is caused by his liver complaining.

migraine pills

The migraine pills are his treatment therefore they are signified by Mars, L10.

If we go by the book we have Mars on the 5th cusp. We cannot have the same planet be both significators. But here we have a clear indication that Jupiter is his liver since Jupiter rules most of house 5, besides, as a secondary confirmation, it is the natural ruler of the liver.

Now, the answer.

Mars, the medication is in Jupiter’s detriment. Yes, the pills are harming his liver. It could be worse, were Mars angular.

Jupiter being also in Mars’ detriment (they are in negative mutual reception) tells us that they are very much unsuitable to one another.

Here are some further nuances shown by the chart.

Jupiter peregrine and on Algol confirms that his liver is afflicted.

The Moon (the querent) is dignified. This tells us that his intuition is functioning well therefore it is not surprising that the chart confirms what he already knew was the case.

The Moon is in the 12th house, that along with the South Node on the ascendant by antiscion clearly shows his weakness.

The Moon exalts Jupiter and is in the triplicity and fall of Mars. This describes exactly the situation, that is: the querent values his liver, he likes the fact that Mars ends his migraine but he dislikes the fact that Mars harms his liver.

Finally, we have Uranus on the 10th cusp. And since reception by fall is stronger than by triplicity he has decided to stop taking the pills (separation) and will discuss other alternatives with his doctor.

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