Will Robin Gibb recover or die?

For those who do not know, Robin Gibb is a member of the music trio Bee Gees.

robin gibb prognosis death

Since the querent is his fan Robin Gibb is signified by Mercury, L7.

However, if the situation is serious we may not need such aspects. A deterioration of his significator’s condition would be enough to show death; such as Mercury losing dignity or making contact with a malefic.

Here we have just the opposite. Mercury has been through a bad stretch of time corroborating his various health problems in the past: it left its detriment and fall, went into Aries, turned retrograde, got combust and entered its detriment and fall again.

Then Mercury turned direct and is about to leave its essential debility. This shows his condition will improve and he will not die now. Within the context that must mean that he will come out of coma and he will recover from this bout.

And so it proved.

However, bear in mind that the root cause of his health problems is signified by Jupiter in a fixed sign. This tells us that his problems are far from over and they will be difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate given the seriousness of his condition. I suspect we will hear about his health condition again soon.

Unfortunately that also proved true as he passed away on May 20, 2012, one month after this chart interpretation. RIP.

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