What is causing my symptoms?

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The querent has digestive problems. Depending of what she eats different symptoms arise. Migraines, headache on the left side of the head, or on the right. Pain in the neck or back, hemorrhoids, etc.

This time she had a headache on the left side of the head and there’s a tough painful spot right in between her vertebras in the neck.

She wasn’t sure whether food was causing her symptoms or some other factor. And if it is food which food is causing the pain?

We know that she has a weak liver. And we know that she often has symptoms long after she has eaten, when the food is already in the large intestine. This is very common for her. We know this to be caused by the feedback system between the large intestine and the Liver. Stuff that gets to the colon ends up in the liver through the portal venous system. This is normal and a strong liver can deal with impurities very well. Not so in her case.

Let’s see if the chart shows any of these symptom. Perhaps we will find the main trigger of the pain as well.

causing symptoms egg yolk

First of all, let’s locate the pain. It is on the base of her neck. Following the body anatomy in the chart, we find Saturn located below the throat and above the shoulders. The pain is in between the vertebras. Saturn is the natural ruler of the spine. Saturn confirms the exact location of the pain.

What else does Saturn tell us?

It rules house 5 of the liver. It is retrograde and not functioning well. Ok, malfunctioning liver afflicts the neck.

Let’s take a look at the Moon for a moment. It is conjunct Venus by antiscion. The Moon is like a signpost, wherever the Moon points we go take a look. What is Venus? L2, the food she eats. It rules Saturn, her liver. What was the last thing that happened to Venus? An opposition with Saturn from Aries — in its detriment with negative reception, a major affliction to Saturn. Ok, food afflicts the liver which afflicts the neck.

Time to look at Mercury. It is in house 8th of the large intestine. L8, Mars, rules the large intestine. Mars is peregrine and retrograde, also malfunctioning. It sits on the ascendant afflicting her body and specifically her head. Here is our second pain: the headache, caused by a malfunctioning large intestine.

Finally, the Sun, another major affliction, which the Moon is also pointing at. The Sun is sitting opposite the ascendant in negative reception towards Mercury. The Sun rules Mercury by exaltation. What is the Sun? Her L12 of self-undoing. Ok, she did something against herself. What? She is very careful with her diet. But it appears that she ate too much of what she can tolerate little; Saturn, Venus, and Mars tell us so. Now what food was it?

Making a list of foods that she ate in the last week I started by looking for those which would be ruled by the Sun. We could look at Venus first but because the Sun was in mutual reception with Venus in Aries and the Sun is so prominent and active I started with the Sun because the Sun is imparting its quality to her food. And voilá, she is intolerant to egg yolk. The Sun rules eggs as well as the yolk. (The white is ruled by the Moon.) She has been eating two soft-boiled eggs a day every day for the last few weeks.

What do we have here? The Sun in watery double-bodied Pisces. Eggs in water. Bingo!

She actually ate three soft-boiled eggs for dinner last night. About 20 hours ago. Enough time for it to get to the large intestine and cause the problems she already knows about. Notice that the Sun is separating from an opposition with Mars, the large intestine.

Also, notice that Mercury is on Uranus suggesting separation. That is, in essence, Mercury is moving away from or severing connection with something. Both the Moon and Mercury love the Sun (eggs) but in the process, they harm Saturn, her liver shown by the negative reception from Leo and Aries respectively. The Moon is going to make contact with a dignified Venus next when changing signs. That is, a change is indicated in relation to the food. Better food than the food she ate when Venus was in Aries.

She stopped eating eggs and the pain subsided significantly after 24 hours; the following day it was gone completely.

Finally, the underlying cause of her problems is an excess of coldness and dryness indicated by Mars in Virgo, Mercury’s dispositor. A series of measures can be taken to balance that. But that will be the subject of a different post.

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