Jimi Hendrix’ Abundance (2 of 4)

Jimi Hendrix Birth Chart, Natal Chart, Solar Return and Lunar Return - Number 4 - Abundance

As the Sun is full and abundant so was Hendrix in this period of his life (1966/1967): full of understanding, full of emotion which he wanted to express.

He was also hungry for artistic expression. Both facets of his psyche are eloquently hinted at in his progressions for 1966.

Abundance: progressed PoSpirit applies to enter Cancer and conjoin natal Moon, and then Jupiter (natal L1/L12) (it moves counter-clockwise). And he “wants” to express it through music: progressed Fortuna applies to oppose progressed Sun and then Venus (it moves clockwise) it certainly will not be easy, as was the case. We have a year of fulfilled desires and expression ahead.

hendrix prog 66

Progressed MC is right on natal Mars. And progressed Mars is right on natal Sun. We have two general indicators of Mars stuff in play in his desires and expression. Mars could mean any number of things but we are concerned specifically with his natal Mars and its relation to his 5th cusp.

I’ll skip many details of his 1966 Solar Return, below. There’s a lot more happening in his life besides his expression or his fame, and it’s all in there. But in sticking with the theme of “artistic expression” we see the SR North Node exactly on his natal 5th cusp; obviously activating his house 5 along with natal Mars which tightly opposes it. We will see how graphically that comes about for him in the lunar return next.

hendrix sr 66

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