Jimi Hendrix’ Fame (3 of 4)

Jimi Hendrix Birth Chart, Natal Chart, Solar Return and Lunar Return - Number 3 - Fame

There's no medical astrology in this one but if you like astrology and Jimi Hendrix this is a must.

Hendrix was famous for various things. But one event stands out as major which literally ignites his natal Venus on Antares.

Take a look at the lunar return for March 21, 1967.

hendrix lr 3 67

And it is worth mentioning that the theme of self-undoing may be brewing at this time in his life — and we know it was.

Notice that the Moon conjunct Jupiter by antiscion bringing together him and his natal L12; following from that the Moon loses dignity — a major testimony for unhappy stuff, very likely with the interference of his house 12. This pattern will become abundantly clear three years later. He was not only a heavy drug user, he was a prolific workaholic as well.

The Sun has just entered Aries. Not only does it spell a new beginning but the Sun is happy to do Sun stuff again, being exalted. Hendrix is happy to be able to be himself in the domain of Mars!

Venus has also just gained dignity, coming out of its detriment in Aries, so his artistic expression is on the rise and in harmony with his essence.

Remember the natal PoSpirit conjunct the North Node? Here it is: the Natal Arc PoSpirit is conjunct the North Node in the LR fully activating the same natal conjunction and bringing forth its potential: to fully express himself. It will happen artistically: notice Jupiter (natal L1) exactly on natal Jupiter and the Moon on the 5th cusp.

Jupiter opposes the Natal Arc PoFame. It sure made him famous but as we know it was not all roses for him — we know about that Venus-Saturn opposition. His artistic expression went hand in hand with difficulties and obstacles. Not everybody was happy with his expression.

Finally, the cherry on the cake: Venus closely applies to oppose Mars. What could this mean? Which event made him famous even to non-fans of his music?

On March 31, 1967 he set his guitar on fire on stage.

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Jimi hendrix guitar on fire monterey live 1967

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