Medical Horary and Decumbiture

Medical Horary and Decumbiture

Can you take the Moon as the body in medical horary, like we do in Decumbiture, and arrive at useful conclusions?

Modern astrologers use the outer planets to rule signs, they ignore essential dignity altogether, and they think sex is house 8.

They have pretty much obliterated traditional esoteric knowledge, yet they seem to come up with information that helps people improve their lives. And reach immortality, it seems.

It is beyond the scope of this article to speculate how that is possible but the evidence is that it works for them. As far as my general view of astrology is concerned you can do anything with planets, signs, houses, and a good deal of storytelling and arrive at useful conclusions.

In Decumbiture the Moon is the body by default, in short-term illnesses. 

It is part of the technique. In long-term illnesses, the body is primarily the Sun. In addition to the ruler of the ascendant in both cases.

In Medical Horary the Moon is the querent’s emotions or emotional state.

Or it signifies whatever part of the body the Moon rules in the chart house anatomy, or it is used as a natural ruler to signify some bodily system or organ. And/or it shows the flow of events. The Moon is not the significator of the body therefore it is not to be used in humoral diagnosis.

Humo… what?

Right. Many of those who call themselves medical astrologers out there have no idea what kind of diagnosis astrology is supposed to perform, let alone use the correct technique. They, like modern doctors and the vast majority of alternative or natural healers, diagnose the symptoms only as they are oblivious to the distinctions between cause and symptoms and the necessity of diagnosing them separately.

Practically speaking, the astrologer has to decide if he/she wants to ride a camel this way or that way; preferably after careful analysis and understanding of the undertaking. Decide if you want to use Decumbiture or Horary technique, and do not mix them. Once that is decided he/she and the patient are bound to get somewhere.

Before calling Horary Decumbiture or vice-versa and mixing their techniques, please do some research. They are not interchangeable. They are like Lemons and Oranges. Both are citrus for sure and thus will work equally for some purposes. But thou shall not commit the heresy of sucking an orange with tequila and salt.

Back to your question. Of course, you can use the Moon as the body in horary. You can also call horary Decumbiture and vice versa and make an astrological stew out of those two distinct techniques and feed the hungry. Why not make tinctures when the Moon is conjunct Kairon in the sign of Ophiucus and sell them to your patients?

I would not do that and do not recommend it, but you can. I will not try to stop you, and there are no police to stop you either.

Medical astrology is a serious matter in my opinion, but astrology, and esoteric studies in general, is a circus. Anything goes. So, praying to ask for the right healer for you is not a bad idea at all. Tie your camel, trust Allah, and hope for the best.

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