Will Michael Schumacher recover?

The querent saw in the news that the doctors are saying that only a miracle could save Michael Schumacher at this point. That is important contextual information, it shows that death is indeed a possibility. Let’s see what the chart shows.

Michael Schumacher Prognosis
Michael Schumacher Prognosis


Schumacher is Saturn L7, since the querent has no direct relation to him.

Saturn is peregrine and recently turned retrogade in house 5, the house of pleasure; he got injured (debilitated) while skiing off piste (peregrine).

The question is about prognosis. What happens to Saturn next?

Mercury, Schumacher’s L6, squares.

He is in bad shape; an aspect with L6 does not bode well. How worse can he get. He has been in an induced coma for 69 days now.

I don’t see the miracle the doctors mentioned, unfortunately. I hope I am wrong on this one.



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