Do I have parasites?

Traditional Medical Astrology Academy

The querent was told by an intuitive healer that he had parasites, so he asked for a confirmation.


The querent is Jupiter, the lord of the ascendant. Is there anything afflicting Jupiter that could indicate the presence of parasites?

Saturn, the natural ruler of “creatures that suck the life out of other creatures” is peregrine and in a close trine with Jupiter and the ascendant; a clear descriptive testimony.


Saturn is in house 8. The parasite might be in the large intestine.

The querent then decided to do lab tests and the result was the has has Giardia.

Giardia infects the small intestine, not the large intestine, and the infection takes place via infected food. The chart reflects that:

The Moon, which happens to be Jupiter’s dispositor, is angular and in Jupiter’s detriment, harming him. The Moon rules the upper part of his intestines, the area around the beginning of house 6. We have the location. Mars, ruler of his house 2 is in Jupiter’s detriment and conjunct Jupiter by antiscion. We have the indication of ingestion of infected food.

Neptune on the ascendant, as the antiscion, emphasizes the hidden nature of the problem.

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