Will the blockchain become centralized?

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Time for a mundane horary chart about the health of our planet.

Those living in the 21’s century are well aware that there is much talk about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies nowadays.

Lots of very smart people are making millions, and lots more, more or less smart, are trying to make millions.

Overall, the prevailing notion is that cryptocurrencies running on the blockchain will provide us with freedom from banks and corporations and we will be masters of our money. No more fees, no more delays. No tyrannical control by a bunch of greedy bankers.

All financial transactions transparently decentralized for everybody without exception. Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel! A true economic revolution; and the new system is pure financial democracy! A financial system that is built to serve the people, not the banks. Hooray!

However, some pundits are questioning such exalted degree of idealism and are warning us that this decentralized digital currency system will eventually be gobbled up by governments, corporations, and their owners, that is the billionaire elite of this planet.

Hence the question: will the blockchain (pertaining to cryptocurrencies) become centralized?

The “blockchain becoming centralized” meaning that digital currency will be controlled by “them”, not “us” the people. Even though the querent asked about the “blockchain” this is a case of a “question behind the question”.

The context given by the querent tells us that we are not talking about the technology itself but about who controls the technology to the degree of being able to control the money. The question is about “who controls the money”. It so happens that money is in digital form in this case.

The querent is an American. But the context applies to all major countries really.

blockchain centralized

We, the People, L1, the Moon, are peregrine under the rulership of the Sun, our money; also peregrine. So, whatever happens to our money affects us. In practice, we are slaves to our money or house 2.

This is not unnatural. We eat to stay alive. We have enough money for the same reason. House 2 is what sustains house 1. Without house 2 there cannot be life.

So, the Moon on the 2nd cusp merely describes our predicament as incarnated souls. As well as indicate what subject the querent is focussed on. In this case: money.

Now, let’s see how our money behaves in the context of the question to see who the master of the situation is and what they have in store for our money, and thus for us.

There are six entities at play in the context. So, we have six clear significators corroborating those entities.

L1 and L2, as described above. The executive branch of the government, Mars, L10. The legislative and judiciary branches, Venus, L11.

The corporations and the elite are signified by “them” L7, Saturn. This should be clear. This is a “us against them” type of horary chart.

Finally, the question is about information technology. Mercury, L3.

Let’s see how they play together.

Where is our supposedly democratic cryptocurrency?

The Sun has recently entered the sign of Saturn.

End of judgment. Saturn (they) already control the cryptocurrency, not us.

Saturn is in its own fixed air sign. The symbolism is apt.

Saturn is, well, Saturn. It is not in Aries or Scorpio where it would corral, dominate, incarcerate, control, and captivate by martial force.

No, it is in a humane weak-voiced air sign where it controls via the air. Via digital and electronic mediums. Via quiet persuasion. No shots need to be fired by this “dignified” Saturn. No need to raise the voice either.

Saturn here cares only for itself, as must be the case with a billionaire elite. If they had regard for the people they would not be a billionaire elite, while people starve and lose their homes across the world.

Finally, Saturn is L7’s money. Saturn is on the turned 2nd cusp. Is their money in good shape? Oh yes. Saturn, in its two significations, is the only thing that is in good shape in this story. Well: “billionaire elite,” says it all.

Is anything changing? Maybe the Sun leaves the control of Saturn and enters the Moon’s. Is that happening? Maybe Saturn becomes weak or surrenders its power over the Sun?


End of story?

End of answering the basic question. But definitely not the end of the story.

Saturn controls L11, Venus, who is conjunct L10 by antiscion and happens to be in L7’s house. There could not be a better picture of the government as a whole being in the elite’s “pocket”.

Both Mars and Venus have no essential dignity. And Venus is on Pluto; aptly describing the decadent selfish representatives you and I elected to protect us and help us prosper.

The Moon on the 11th cusp by antiscion emphasizes that “we” have an influence in that house. That is, in a way unseen to most of us, we have given them permission and a salary to do whatever shenanigans they are up to.


Saturn controls information technology, L3. As Mercury is in Capricorn.

We can also analyze the infrastructure where the internet runs. That is the fiber optics and the satellites. That would be Venus, L4. Well, who owns it then? Saturn: the Elite and their corporations. Venus is in their house and under their rulership!

The blockchain runs on “their” hardware. We are helpless. So, no matter what dream of digital freedom we may have the reality is crude: Saturn is the boss. Think of the Merovingian in the movie The Matrix…

The three planets in Capricorn serve Saturn while being in the Moon’s detriment. They do not favor the Moon. In fact, they are outright harmful to the people.

So, will the blockchain become centralized?

In literal terms, no, it will not because the nature of the blockchain technology is that it is decentralized and virtually impossible to control.

But the question is not literal, it is about who has power over its implementation. From that perspective its implementation already is centralized. We just do not see it enforced on cryptocurrency yet. 

“They” already control the software and the hardware technology and they control those who make decisions about the use of such technology, that is our lawmakers and their enforcers. Not us.

A reasonable conclusion from this is that a significant portion of the crypto market is or will be rigged. Some people will get rich, some will lose money. But in the end, we will all be hooked to centralized digital currencies and widespread financial freedom will not come to fruition.

Digital currency will become enforced at large when the Moon enters Virgo, the sign on house 3’s cusp. We will then be ruled by digital currency technology — by sign and exaltation. That is, the majority of civilized citizens will have digital money controlled by the elite. Just like our money is controlled by the present banking system. No democracy at all.

We are rightful “slaves” to our money. The elite controls the money. So we are slaves to the elite. Does the picture need to be more explicit?

Look at China’s social scoring system and we have a picture of what is coming to a  civilized country near you.
In summary: if we do not behave they can take our money away. If we don’t pay our taxes that is what they do now; they seize your bank account in the USA. The technology used is not relevant. Cryptocurrency running on the blockchain will not be decentralized enough in practice to save us from that degree of tyranny. There is nothing in this chart demonstrating the freedom that some people are expecting from this technology. It is the opposite.

Want to give it a shot at the timing? It is not part of the question. But why not try?

15+ degrees. Fifteen months? Years?

What about Jupiter?

I cannot make sense of it given my present knowledge of the context. But it is certainly significant, being under the power of Saturn and being the next event for the Moon, by opposition. This will be an event that will trigger the event indicated by the Moon’s change of signs. Perhaps it has to do with the turned 3rd from the 7th. We will have to wait and see.

Sorry, Neo. I hate giving good people bad news.


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