What will Artificial Intelligence technology bring us?

Artificial Intelligence Horary

Time to look at the health state of our society.

A horary chart cast to show what to expect from the ubiquitous deployment of Artificial Intelligence technology (AI technology).

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Main significators:

You and me: us. Humanity.
The Sun and the Moon

AI Technology
Let’s go straight to the natural ruler of a “thinking machine”: Mercury.

Other significators will come on stage as we look into the chart.

Let’s begin with Mercury. Peregrine and retrograde. Accurately descriptive.

Right now AI technology is in its early stages of development. We do not know if it is Dr. Jeckyl or Mr. Hyde yet. It still makes many mistakes in just about any area it has been implemented.

But that will change fast. An improvement in its functioning will come in time. And the chart confirms that since Mercury is going to turn direct.

It is still peregrine though and the dignity by term it is about to gain is not significant. Plus it will lose it soon afterward. Being peregrine means that it is at the mercy of external forces. That is to be expected for a machine, despite people thinking that it will come to life at some point.

That thought invites us to look at the Moon next because it is our emotions.

How do we feel about AI?

We are in its sign and exaltation!

This is the kind of reception a teenager has for someone he/she has a crush on, or a devotee to a saint, or a disciple to a master, or an idealist voter to a political candidate.

Total devotion. We are besotted with AI technology. In a normal universe, this would be weird considering that we are talking about a machine… but then we are dealing with humans, so apparently, anything goes… 

What we can assume from such “devotion” is that we are bound to become increasingly reliant on AI. And knowing humans, probably over-reliant… 

Can we take the Moon as the ruler of our 12th house?

We can on two accounts, as per Nicholas Culpeper’s advice about where our wits should reside. 

First, Mercury is in the Moon’s detriment. That is, we are in love with that which can harm us, and will harm us because of the flow of events shown in this chart. What house could that come from?

Second, house 12 activity is a congruent testimony with historical context. That is, there has never been a major technology that has not been used to harm humanity, so the notion that AI would be different is naive to say the least. (And make no mistake, AI technology is unprecedented in the sense that other technologies need a person to press a button to activate it. AI’s nature is such that enables it to decide on its own.)

That is a sharp picture of self-undoing. So, yes, house 12 has a significant influence in this context.

(Actually, house 12 is important in any mundane astrological inquiry other than inquiries about Disneyland where hidden enemies are either abstract or do not exist at all.)

The Moon in this chart is a good example of the fact that planets can rule more than one meaningful house, or be a natural ruler and also rule a relevant house. The notion of a planet ruling more than one meaningful house is not a matter of rule (no pun intended). It is a matter of context and of how an astrologer thinks and perceives the world and the chart. The correlations one astrologer can make may be impossible for another. Here you have mine for your consideration.

Back to the Moon-Mercury’s love-hate story…

AI will not only ignore our love for it (as any machine must) but will hurt us in some way. I will not speculate how this will play out. But the receptions between them are typical of a betrayal among humans. Let’s just keep it simple and read what we can be sure of. We can be sure the Moon expects Mercury to love her back but Mercury will not, it will harm the Moon instead.

Now let’s take the Moon as the flow of events.

A third meaning for the Moon? Are you mad?

I’ll leave it up to you to judge my sanity. But mundane horaries demand that we look at the flow of events.

Like Nicky, think carefully and analytically and you will be able to synthesize the three Moon meanings into one single “force”. That is our infatuation with and reliance on AI, our self-undoing because we love that which can harm us, and the flow of events because it is this love and self-undoing that will bring to fruition the upcoming negative aspects. This is a painting or poem made in heaven, literally…

So, the flow:

Our emotions, the Moon, take Mars to Mercury and then Mercury to the Sun, who also is in the Moon’s detriment. This happens while Mercury is still retrograde. Oh, oh… what will be bad will probably be worse…

What could Mars be?

There is a case to be made for Mars to be L9 since we are feeding our knowledge to AI. It will use that knowledge to make its decisions. The Mutual reception between Mars and Mercury corroborates this interpretation. And Fortuna gives a nod.

But given the chart as a whole, the context, the role of Saturn, and Mars’ connection to Venus, and its position in relation to the Sun, I feel we have a more apt meaning for Mars. I’ll come back to it below after we look into other characters in this science non-fictional story.

Why does Saturn rule Mercury and the Sun? And why is it against the Sun?

This chart has a striking resemblance to the Blockchain chart I did before, both in terms of context and testimonies. It is worth checking it out after you finish reading this one.

Well, AI has human owners. And they are not you or me. Any say we may have in AI’s development and implementation right now is rapidly slipping away, shown by Mercury leaving combustion, that is: it is leaving the Sun’s power. Saturn is the boss and it will do whatever it pleases with the technology.

Saturn is in its own house and sign, that is: it values itself above all, so it will use AI for its own benefit and to further its own agenda, not ours. The Sun will get whatever Saturn decides it should get out of this technology (just like with the Blockchain).

So, who is Saturn?

The same entities that own every other technology. Large corporations and billionaires. The one percent. If the dear reader has not considered them to be an “enemy” yet, here is an opportunity for broadening one’s awareness of how this world operates. “They” are on a rapid spree of dominating and controlling… How Saturnian…

The sheep, however… erm, I mean… the Moon, does not see that. Neither does the Sun. Both are in signs that do not behold Saturn. Saturn, our very dispositor, is hidden under our noses. All we see and talk about are the marionettes on the stage while Saturn pulls the strings from behind the curtain.

What about Venus?

The Sun trines the 10th cusp telling us to look at the role that that house plays in the drama. The government surely is part of the context, as it is the only entity that, in theory, has the power to regulate the implementation of AI technology in all areas of life, and also enforce the regulations.

Will the government regulate and enforce it?

Venus is accidentally debilitated in the worst possible house (for us) considering that Saturn is its dispositor and where Saturn is located. The 12th house to the 7th. Venus, therefore, will continue the tradition of regulating and enforcing to serve the billionaires, instead of governing for the people. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Can we look at the prognosis for the Sun to see if there is any corroboration with the idea that it will be bad for us to have AI be controlled by Saturn? Certainly.

After the aspects in the current sign, the next significant event for the Sun is entering its detriment in the Saturnian air of Aquarius. This does lot look like fun.

Saturn in an air sign suggests dominance, control, restriction, and restraint in the mental/electronic/digital realm. Think cashless society, implanted chips, surveillance, social scoring, law-making, censorship, and austerities. Above all, we will have computers, rather than humans, making decisions about our lives in every possible way.

Back to Mars.

Mars tightly opposes the Sun by antiscion and is in Mutual reception with Mercury. Mars has power over the Sun by exaltation. And Mars is in no dignities of the Sun or the Moon. So Mars will serve Mercury with indifference to us.

That is the picture of AI being used to control people by force. We already have drones that make their own decisions about who to shoot. And I doubt such AI systems are programmed to shoot their masters. Think drones, robots, and nanotechnology, all of which we have already seen in action; but I doubt the creativity of weapons designers will stop there.

Mars in an air sign ruled by Mercury also suggests rule enforcement and intrusion via the digital domain — cyber-weapons and cyber-attacks galore, punishment based on social-scoring.

Notice that Venus trines Mars and Mars sits in house 10. Any influence or enforcement Venus may enact thorough Mars will be at the service of Saturn.

This chart shows a picture of an upgrade in technological capability that will accelerate and raise tyranny to unprecedented levels.

But, like the frog in the pot of water that is slowly brought to boiling temperature, we may not quite notice it. Well, if you have read up to this point you are warned. Maybe reread George Orwell next…

I can confidently say from reading this chart that there is no indication whatsoever that AI will solve our problems without creating significant new ones, as the technology will be used primarily to further the objectives of house 7, not house 1 or the Moon. That has been historically the case with any powerful technology and AI will be no exception.

Are you saying that AI will not bring anything positive to us?

This chart gives a general and broad view because that was the scope of the question. History and common sense tell us that this technology will also be used for many positive things. However, the big picture is not favorable to us. If it were favorable to us the chart would show it. It does not. It is favorable to Saturn and Saturn does not care one bit about us.

Mind you, I interpreted this chart using Saturn as L7. Saturn could also be L6. Look at where his buddy, Pluto, is. I’ll leave it at that.

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