Has Hugo Chavez already died?

In a discussion with fellow astrologers the question of Hugo Chavez’ health and death came up. We wondered whether he had already died (as predicted in another chart) and his death was covered up.

So I asked: Has Hugo Chavez already died and we do not know?

Has Chavez already died and we do not know?
Has Chavez already died and we do not know?


Chavez is Saturn, as the president of a foreign country (turned 10th from the 9th). His death is the Sun (turned 8th from the 6th). Saturn’s last aspect was with the Sun, his death.

Answer: yes he has already died.

Have they covered up his death? Well, perhaps, since nothing came up in the news until the time this chart was cast. However this chart was cast on March 5, 2013, just hours before his death was announced in the news.

So the question remains: did he die awhile back and they waited for an opportune time to announce it? Or has he just died as the news show? As a possible indicator that it was the former we have Neptune, associated with obscurity, deceit and cover-ups right on the 8th cusp of death. So, it appears that he has been dead for some time already.

There’s another corroborating testimony for his being dead being unknown or unseen. The Moon, co-significator of the querent and therefore, the people in general, is in a sign adjacent to Scorpio where Chavez is, so we could not see him when death struck as Sagittarius does not behold Scorpio. If you want to be picky, the Moon was in Libra when the Sun-Saturn trine took place; Libra does not behold Scorpio either.

But now, at 29 degrees of Sagittarius the people is about to see Chavez when entering Capricorn, which is exactly what happened.

We could have a shot at the timing, for the sake of confirmation. The Sun is about 4 degrees away from Saturn. This would mean he has been dead for about 4 time units, give or take; which, if we use weeks, puts his death in the neighborhood of the original prediction of 7.5 or 8 weeks.

Icing on the cake: Aldebaran is conjunct Jupiter showing a new phase for the foreign country in question.



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