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Who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline?

Joe promised to blow it up, on camera. Then he blew it up. And then he denied it. Any doubts? Keep reading.


Neptune, the natural ruler of presidents is, on the 10th cusp.

I am joking about the “natural ruler” part, ok? I trust you get the idea…

The Nord Stream pipeline is a house 4 matter as it is a fixed piece of property. It is nicely signified by the natural ruler of ducts itself, Mercury.

Mercury is separating from a sextile with Jupiter. Gee, it wasn’t even difficult.

Jupiter is on the 4th cusp by antiscion.

Question answered. Joe did it.

A Jupiter-loving and Mercury-hating Venus makes company with Neptune in house 10.

Who could that be?

Well, some minion that will do anything Jupiter asks, as the reception from Venus to Jupiter indicates.

Venus rules the radical 5th house. That would be irrelevant if it was not the 12th from the 10th from the 9th. That is the hidden enemy of a foreign ruler. That is Putin’s hidden enemy.

Isn’t Venus such a sweet benefic?… I digress…

Saturn and the Sun trine the 5th cusp and are conjunct with the Arabic Part of Captivity by antiscion in the first degree of Scorpio. That establishes, and rubs in, the connections of foreign countries with that hidden enemy.

The South Node is on the 9th cusp by antiscion.

This series of interlinked testimonies appear to describe Europe’s predicament. Drained of energy and captive to a “partnership” with a Sun in detriment.

Jupiter is conjunct with the Arabic Part of Dismissal.

Joe did indeed dismiss the pipeline, and Europe, in one shot.


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